spring lawn tips

After a long and cold winter, the plants in your lawn are looking forward to sprouting and restoring the green that was previously submerged in snow and ice. When spring comes around, the soil starts to get warm and the ice begins to melt. It’s the perfect time to prep your lawn for summer fun and activities!

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Here are our tips for getting started.

Start Now (or Soon!)

As temperatures rise in the spring, you’ll want to prep your lawn for the growth of new vegetation. The best time to start working on your lawn is during late spring when soil temperatures are at around 55 degrees F.  

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Use a rotary spreader to apply fertilizer

If you’re a DIY’er, use a rotary spreader to evenly spread the fertilizer across the entire surface. Start with the outer edges of the lawn, and gradually move inwards as you apply fertilizer in an overlapping manner.

Know your fertilizer

You should know the basic ingredients that are in each fertilizer brand. The basic components include Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, which are all key nutrients for plant growth.

A composition of 20% Nitrogen, 5% phosphate, and 10% Potassium is typically a good mix for the lawn during spring. (Cedar Mountain offers safe and effective solutions.)

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Use handheld spreaders for smaller lawns

For smaller lawns, precision is key. A handheld spreader works better for smaller spaces so that you don’t apply too much fertilizer inadvertently. You should also use granulated fertilizer because it is easier to apply accurately on the lawn.

When applying, walk slowly and overlap various areas to ensure the entire space gets a fair share.

Water before fertilizing

Before applying fertilizer in late spring, water the lawn 1-2 days prior. This adds hydration to the soil and makes it easier for plants to take up the ingredients. Make sure you lightly water the lawn a second time after applying the fertilizer. This will wash fertilizer particles from the grass blades and onto the soil.

Recycle your lawn with cut grass

When you mow your lawn during the growing season, leave the grass cuttings on the yard to act as a natural fertilizer. This process is known as “grasscycling” and it saves the quantity and time that would otherwise be used to apply a fresh dosage of fertilizer.

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