If you have a young tree in your yard, you may have realized that it doesn’t do too well in strong wind conditions. Frost and snow can be huge contributors to damaged trees, oftentimes, a simple gust of wind is the biggest threat to a young tree. Although there’s no way you can stop the wind, there are several things you can do to ensure that your young trees aren’t damaged by high winds. Read on to learn about preventing wind damage and contact Cedar Mountain Tree and Lawn Care if you need an expert arborist to come inspect your trees.

Support stakes

The first thing you should do if you think your young trees may be susceptible to wind damage is to install support stakes. These stakes are either made of metal or wood and you should use a strong fabric to tie the stakes together. Make sure to leave some slack so that they can sway a little bit, but not so much that they’re going to break. A little bit of sway will actually help the root system strengthen and create strong, flexible branches as well.

Consider moving it

Although you probably have an idea of where you want your trees, it’s not necessarily the best place to have them to prevent wind damage. If your tree is still a sapling, you may need to move your tree to a new location. For example, you could try moving it next to your house or surrounded by bushes. Just make sure your tree won’t fall onto your home and ruin siding or break your roof shingles and make sure it’s far enough away that it has room to grow.

Keep it healthy

Healthy trees will almost always be able to stand up against wind better than a tree that is not healthy. When your tree is young, it’s especially important to make sure that is healthy and able to grow. A dehydrated tree will have weak branches and weak roots and be more susceptible to wind damage. Make sure to water it regularly if you think it may not be getting enough water.


Pruning is also a necessary procedure for preventing wind damage. This is the process of trimming your tree to remove dead or overgrown branches. Not only will this prevent the tree from holding unnecessary weight, but it will have less surface area meaning there will be less pressure on it during a windy day. If you notice dead or sagging branches, make sure to cut them off as soon as possible.

Contact your tree service experts

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