• Emergency storm damage remediation
  • Quality Trimming by ISA Certified Arborists
  • Technical Removals
  • Tree Stump Removal
  • Insect and disease controls by State of Wyoming Certified Applicators (both spraying and systematic applications)
  • Fertility Management Programs
  • Cabling and Bracing
  • Knowledgeable consultations with ISA Certified Arborists

Trimming and pruning a tree is one of those things that is easy to overlook. Unless a problem comes up, such as a large branch that is causing a risk of danger or damage, the average person will not see when tree branches need attention or tree trimming service. But, they surely will see the difference when they see what their beautifully trimmed tree looks like.

Cedar Mountain Tree and Lawn Care can assess the quality of the trees in your yard and suggest the trim plan that will fit your needs. If you’re looking for better appearance, we can do fine pruning to accomplish that result. For bigger jobs, we do standard pruning of branches for healthier, safer trees that will also improve the overall look of the tree. If your tree branch is dangerously close to your home, electrical wires, or other structure, we can quickly and safely remove the branch to make sure the area is safe. Sometimes we suggest Crown Reduction, which usually involves removal of large areas of dead branches or storm damaged areas. We do Crown Reduction very carefully, as too much removal can possibly endanger the health of the tree.

Trimming your trees has many benefits. A properly trimmed tree will improve the overall look of the tree and give your home great curb appeal. Trimming weak, dead, or broken branches will not only help that tree look more beautiful, it will also provide a healthy foundation for new strong growth, and will improve the lifespan of the tree. Tree trimming service also provides greater sun exposure and air circulation to the tree – both extremely important for more growth and a healthier tree overall. Trimming of new trees helps to train them for their future shape as well as stimulate new healthy root growth for their lasting strength.

Shade from a tree is a lovely thing on a hot summer day, but too much shade can interfere with the growth of your lawn and can make it hard for other plants and shrubs to grow. We can make sure you still have that valuable shady spot to escape the sun, while still providing just enough sunlight to come through for the grass below to grow strong and beautiful.

Many people don’t realize that regular trimming of fruit trees will improve the growth of the tree and help increase the size and quality of the crop. Each tree is different, but in general, a winter pruning of a fruit tree will give the tree the exposure to sunlight it needs before the new growth phase in the spring.

Something that is often ignored is how your tree branches may be growing over walkways and sidewalks, making it hard for people to see where they are going. Another danger is tree branches covering up street signs. This can distract drivers and cause traffic back-ups. Both of these can be dangerous situations, but we can help you manage and prevent them from happening with routine tree trimming service and care. Businesses and homeowners can reduce the risk of this happening, hopefully saving money in the long run.

And, finally, trimming your trees can open up your property and improve the both the view from the curb as well as the view from inside your home. Real estate professionals report up to 20 percent% increase in home value for homes with healthy mature trees and a well-landscaped yard.