Cedar Mountain Tree and Lawn Care creates strong, beautiful, healthy Wyoming lawns. To do this, we proudly offer a range of landscaping services from customized lawn treatments to seasonal fertilization and insect control with environmentally-friendly product applications. We are dedicated to enhancing or increasing your property values while reducing risk, respecting the environment, and offering top-notch lawn care services at a fair price.

  • Fertilization with Weed Control
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Soil Amendments
  • Season-long Bare Ground Applications
  • Vegetation Management
  • Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care Programs

No one can deny the benefits of a beautiful lawn. Thick, healthy, and well maintained grass is extremely important to the overall look of your home and property. Families enjoy being outside more when their yard looks great and feels great on bare feet. The experts at Cedar Mountain Tree and Lawn Care can take a look at your yard and give you our suggestions on how to improve the thickness of your lawn. We will give you a lawn care program that will keep your yard beautiful month after month. We can help remove weeds and prevent them from growing. You will love your lawn again!

When you think about it, a beautiful lawn is the foundation for your property. If you invest in flowers, shrubs, and landscaping, their value is lost when the grass isn’t full of life, green and weed-free. Caring for your lawn should be number one on your list of property maintenance items. In these busy times, most adults just don’t have the time (or the know-how) to research fertilizers, shop for the top brands, and spend time in the yard applying seed and weed killer. Leave all of that to Cedar Mountain Tree and Lawn Service, and you can spend your free time enjoying the things you love to do. We will treat your yard with care, applying our quality products so you can benefit from the results without having invested hours of your time on lawn care and landscaping.

Summer is the time when we want to plan picnics, barbeques, and parties. You won’t ever want to go to the park again, when your own lawn is so beautiful! Your kids will love being able to run around and play in the yard with all their friends. You’ll love knowing that you don’t have to think about weeding and seeding the lawn. And our lawn care services will leave your neighbors wanting to know your secret!

If your issue is patchy grass, weeds, grubs, or other pests, Cedar Mountain can help. We’ve got safe but effective solutions for all of these issues and more. After our professionals treat your lawn, you can sit back and (literally) watch the grass grow.

All of our lawn care applications are tested and applied by trained professionals and we stand behind our results. Go ahead, ask your neighbors and I’m sure you’ll hear that Cedar Mountain is their preferred lawn care company across southern and western Wyoming.

We know that now more than ever, affordability and a balanced budget are at the top of your mind. So we are committed to working within your budget, offering economies of scale, prioritizing your property’s needed services and bringing you peace of mind.

Why Choose Cedar Mountain for Total Lawn Maintenance?

Cedar Mountain is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality service at the fairest possible price. Here’s what else sets us apart:

  • A dedicated commercial staff
  • Adherence to the highest industry standards
  • Environmentally-conscious tree care and lawn care services
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Qualified and State Licensed Supervisors
  • High safety rating
  • An average employee tenure of ten years
  • Accredited, bonded, insured, state-licensed

At your request Cedar Mountain’s experienced staff will provide a no-cost analysis of your turf health and provide verbal and written recommendations on best care practices. Contact us for your no-obligation consultation.

Choose a stable, accountable and dependable partner.