When we provide professional tree care services to keep them healthy, they, in turn, help keep the soil healthy by reducing soil erosion and creating a soil climate that is suitable for microorganisms to grow!

With the experience of on-staff ISA certified arborists we can successfully maintain safe, healthy and beautiful trees for home and business property owners in the Shoshoni area.

We offer a wide array of services using the latest technologies and techniques in arboriculture, including but not limited to:

  • Quality tree trimming and pruning by ISA certified arborists
  • Tree cutting and removals
  • Emergency remediation services following storm damage
  • Stump removal
  • Effective insect and disease control
  • Fertility management programs
  • Cabling and bracing to support branches with weak attachments
  • Consultations with knowledgeable ISA certified arborists

Call us for guaranteed highest quality services in the industry!