As one of the more valuable assets on your property in Rock Springs, we can provide tree cutting and care services to protect your investment in trees throughout their entire life cycle.

From professional pruning to tree removals, we are equipped to provide a full range of services using the latest technologies and techniques in arboriculture including, but not limited to:

  • Quality tree trimming and tree pruning service by ISA certified arborists
  • Technical removals
  • Stump removal
  • Management of most insect and disease problems
  • Cabling and bracing to support weakly-attached branches
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Fertility management services
  • Emergency storm-related damage remediation

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Rock Springs Tree Trimming, Removals & Disease Control Applications

It is a well-known fact in our industry that proper tree care can provide significant returns on your home or business investment, but when left in the wrong hands the results can be dangerous.

If you are beginning to see evidence of insect-infestation and disease problems, call us for tree cutting services utilizing the technical expertise of our on-staff ISA certified arborists to manage most disease-related issues.

Not only are we equipped to provide proper disease control care, but our arborists can also determine when tree removal, as a last resort, is required such as when they are:

  • Dying or dead
  • Creating an obstruction that pruning cannot correct
  • Causing harm or crowding those that are more desirable
  • Being replaced by something more suitable
  • Located in a construction area where removal is required
  • Posing an unacceptable risk

We provide emergency storm remediation for instances where strong winds have caused falling limbs or entire trees onto nearby structures or vehicles. Our arborists can assist in performing proper tree removal while reducing further risk.

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Why Choose Cedar Mountain for Total Tree Care in Rock Springs?

We are incredibly proud of our dedicated commercial landscaping staff and the specialized tree care services of our on-staff ISA certified arborists.

From the smallest to the most complex tree services project we are committed to bringing the highest quality service at the fairest possible price.

Here is what sets us apart from other tree trimming companies serving the Rock Springs area:

  • Highly-qualified and state-licensed supervisors
  • Our adherence to the highest industry standards
  • Environmentally-conscious services
  • Fully accredited, bonded, insured and state-licensed
  • Our willingness to stay up-to-date on latest techniques and technologies
  • High safety rating
  • An average employee tenure of more than ten years

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