Our tree care encompasses a full range of services for maintaining their health, beauty, longevity and value for residential, commercial, government, municipal and institutional properties throughout the entire area including Fort Washakie.

To solve the most complex tree removal and care problems, we have ISA certified arborists on-staff that are equipped with knowledge in the art and science of proper care, and the latest techniques in arboriculture to assist our commercial landscaping staff where needed in:

  • Removal of limbs as a result of emergency storm damage
  • Tree trimming and pruning for improving the health and safety of trees
  • Stump removal
  • Technical tree removals
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Fertility management programs
  • Insect infestations and disease control

Our customers deserve the highest quality tree service at the fairest price. Call for a consultation with an ISA certified arborist for your Wyoming property.

Fort Washakie Tree Trimming, Removals & Disease Control Applications

In partnering with us for professional tree care services you also receive the benefits of on-staff ISA certified arborists that specialize in the care of individual trees.

They play a vital role in managing most insect and disease problems as well as providing expert tree trimming and shaping services.

Our trimming and pruning services are essential for removal of limbs that:

  • Have been damaged by wind or storms
  • Are diseased or insect-infested
  • Obstruct streets, patios, driveways and sidewalks
  • Interfere with local utilities or structures
  • Are decayed, dead or weak and pose a potential risk
  • Inhibit light penetration to densely shaded areas

While pruning may seem extreme, our techniques are used to maintain proper structure in young trees, stimulate their growth, improve their shape or form, and reduce the potential of future damage during high winds or storms.

Call us today for a no-obligation consultation to learn how our guaranteed best tree services in the industry can benefit you.

Why Choose Cedar Mountain for Total Tree Care in Fort Washakie?

Our exceptional tree services have earned us an excellent reputation for preservation of trees throughout the entire area including Fort Washakie.

Our dedicated commercial staff and ISA certified arborists go to the greatest lengths possible to meet the needs of our customers in both small and complex projects.

In addition to bringing you the highest quality tree care service at the fairest possible price, this is what sets us apart from other tree trimming companies:

  • Our consistent adherence to the highest industry standards
  • Environmentally-conscious services
  • State-of-the-art techniques and technologies
  • By placing safety first we hold a high safety rating
  • Average employee tenure of more than ten years
  • Fully accredited, licensed, bonded and insured provider

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