You may be nursing relatively new grass, or attempting to patch some problems in a mature yard, realizing you need professional help!

In either case, the Cedar Mountain Tree and Lawn Care team can prepare a lawn care services schedule to restore and keep your property’s landscaping in top shape. And like most of our clients, we understand that affordability and a balanced budget may be among your top priorities. We are committed to working within your budget while also enhancing and increasing your property values with environmentally-friendly services such as:

  • Bare ground applications season-long
  • Management of vegetation
  • Aeration
  • Soil pH amendments
  • Disease and insect spraying and systematic controls by State-certified applicators
  • Fertility management programs
  • Seasonal fertilizer with essential nutrients

Our lawn care specialists can also plan and execute a schedule for perfect lawn treatments that are vital in achieving the results expected by property owners in the Lander area.

Give us a call to schedule a no-cost analysis of your turf health.

Customized Lawn Maintenance for Healthy Lawns in Lander

Following a no-cost analysis of turf health, our landscaping team can design a year-round customized plan to keep turf healthy and free of weeds and diseases for residents in Lander, Wyoming.

Our specialists can implement an efficient lawn care services schedule to help target specific problems, and prevent other potential issues before they even start, such as:

  • Weeds and dandelions
  • Damaging pests and insects
  • Diseases and stressors
  • Insufficient nutrients
  • Damage to turf from drought and high temperatures

Our goal is to keep the grasses in your landscape healthy by coordinating proper lawn care services with seasonal requirements including lawn treatments that help promote a weed-free and healthy turf.

And all the while we are bringing these high-quality services to you we are committed to working within your budget.

Call to schedule an evaluation to determine the specific needs of your turf.

Why Choose Cedar Mountain for Lawn Treatments in Lander?

If landscape image is important to you, as your provider of lawn care and maintenance services it is vitally important to us!

We offer a wide array of tree and lawn care services that include environmentally-friendly product applications to enhance and increase your property values and curb appeal.

Lawn care applications and services may include seasonal fertilizer and weed control, insect and disease controls, fertility management, application of essential nutrients, and a tailor-made lawn maintenance plan.

These are additional reasons that Lander residents choose us:

  • Fully accredited, bonded, insured and state-licensed
  • Our commitment to environmentally-conscious applications and services
  • Adherence to the highest standards in the industry
  • Long-term employee service with an average employee tenure of ten years
  • Highly-qualified and state-licensed supervisors
  • Our promise to offer top-notch services at a fair price
  • Free no-obligation consultation with an on-site ISA certified arborist

Call Cedar Mountain Tree and Lawn Care for environmentally-friendly solutions for healthy turf. (307) 332-7466