If you wish to showcase your landscape and are concerned about affordability, we can help achieve your goal for beautifully lush, green, strong, and healthy results within your budget.

Our dedicated commercial landscaping staff, including an experienced ISA certified arborist, has a complete understanding of tree and lawn services, products, customized lawn treatments, science, and the expertise to deliver a healthy turf and the look you desire.

To accomplish this, we proudly offer a range of tree and lawn care services for Fort Washakie, Wyoming residents including, but not limited to:

  • Environmentally friendly programs
  • Aeration
  • Soil amendments
  • Vegetation management
  • Seasonal-long bare ground applications
  • Seasonal fertilization
  • Insect and disease control by State of Wyoming Certified Applicators
  • Fertility management programs

Our top-notch lawn maintenance schedule of services is custom-designed to keep your grass and turf healthy and free of diseases even through the environmental hardships that come to Wyoming during the year.

Call to request a no-cost consultation for an analysis of your turf-health along with verbal and written recommendations for best care practices.


Beyond providing beautifully lush green and healthy turf, we are uniquely equipped to help maintain those results by preventing future potential issues such as:

  • Seasonal diseases
  • Risk of damaging insects and pests
  • Overrun by weeds
  • Loss of nutrients

Turf damage as a result of high temperatures and drought

We are committed to working within your budget to provide a lawn care services plan that prioritizes the needs of your property to enhance and increase its value and curb appeal while respecting the environment.

Our customized plan includes lawn treatments to deliver nutrients at optimal points throughout each season, pre-emergent and purposeful weed control, fertilization and soil amendments all targeted and formulated as a full year-round lawn service package.

Call for a no-obligation consultation for residents of Fort Washakie that includes a personalized turf analysis.


As stewards of the environment, our practices for lawn care services encourage protection of the natural habitats and use of environmentally-friendly applications that promote health and longevity of plants, turf, shrubs, and trees.

We are committed to enhancing and increasing your property values with outstanding lawn maintenance and care programs while reducing risk and offering the highest quality landscaping services at the fairest possible price.

These are additional reasons for residents of Fort Washakie to choose us for basic and customized services:

  • Our dedicated commercial staff
  • Consultations with an on-staff ISA certified arborist
  • Adherence to the highest industry standards
  • Latest state-of-the-art technologies and techniques
  • Fully accredited, bonded insured and state-licensed
  • Average employee tenure of ten years
  • Qualified and state licensed supervisors

Call Cedar Mountain Tree and Lawn Care for a stable, accountable and dependable partner! (307) 332-7466