1. How To Protect A Tree From Wind Damage

    If you have a young tree in your yard, you may have realized that it doesn’t do too well in strong wind conditions. Frost and snow can be huge contributors to damaged trees, oftentimes, a simple gust of wind is the biggest threat to a young tree. Although there’s no way you can stop the wind, there are several things you can do to ensure that your young trees aren’t damaged by high winds. Re…Read More

  2. Quick Tips For A Healthy Lawn

    Everyone loves the look of a healthy lawn. Most homeowners will gaze in awe as they pass by a home with a nice green, full, and well-balanced lawn and think, “how can I get a great lawn like that?” Although lawn maintenance will be different depending on where you live and what season it is, there are several things you should keep in mind that will take you one step closer to having that perf…Read More

  3. Why You Should Remove Stumps

    After cutting down a tree or after a storm, many homeowners are left with large [or small] stumps that can be a major obstruction in your yard. Often times, people either don’t know the risk of having a stump in their yard, think their problem will go away, or just continue to push their issue to the side. Either way, it’s important to realize the danger of having a stump protruding out of you…Read More

  4. Why You Should Hire An Arborist

    Often times we hear the word “arborist” and don’t know exactly what that entails. We know that we need lawn care and tree experts to work on our yard, but aren’t sure exactly what certification or qualifications a person or company needs in order to get the job done right, efficiently, and reliably. Certified arborists are knowledgeable about trees and know how to use resources and equipme…Read More

  5. Welcome To Our Blog!

    Hello, and welcome to Cedar Mountain’s blog! Cedar Mountain is your Top Rated Local® Tree & Lawn Care company in south-central Wyoming. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality lawn care to residential, commercial, municipal, government, and institutional properties, and take no shortcuts when it comes to making your lawn look great for everyone to enjoy. In this post, we’re go…Read More

  6. Protect Your Trees From The Snow

    Winters in Wyoming can be harsh; snowfall is usually heavy during the coldest months and it can often be made worse by high winds and storms. At Cedar Mountain Tree & Lawn Care, we want to make sure your yard stays safe and healthy, and that by the time summer rolls around, you’ll still have a nice yard to look at and enjoy without the hassle of repairing trees with damage that could have be…Read More